New year, new you, new way to drink coffee…

Something about saying goodbye to an old year and welcoming in the new one makes us want to create change in our lives. New years resolutions seem like a great idea in the wee hours of January 1st  but, experience shows us how hard these are to keep, especially if they are a tad unrealistic.

It is really common to have some health related goals featuring in your goals for 2015. Luckily for you we are bringing you a great piece of information about how to make coffee even better for you. You don’t have to give anything up, in fact, you simply have to add a little cream….

Why should I have cream in my coffee?

Lee-Anne Wann, fitness guru and nutritional extraordinaire is a big advocate for adding cream into your coffee and today she shares with us her reasons. Coffee has some naturally occurring benefits on the form of antioxidants, but absorption of these is compromised when either milk or sugar is added. So no milk and no sugar are the first steps to great coffee.

So what does cream add to the picture? Creams benefits are twofold. It contains CLA, an essential fatty acid that our body needs and is particularly useful in fat loss processes. It contains good natural fats that feed the brain, and has been used for centuries for both strength and endurance. Cream also helps to buffer the body against the effects of caffeine, so you can avoid the caffeine rush that may follow your cup of coffee. The fat in the cream binds to the caffeine and releases it more slowly so you feel energized for longer and avoid the post caffeine low.

So the next time you feel the temptation to either make or order a coffee, ditch the milk,  add a dash of cream and enjoy not only the taste but the knowledge that you are getting the most out of your coffee.

And if you’re wanting to make a slightly bigger step towards your health than a drop of cream, watch this space for Royden’s run up to the Riverhead Rampage. There are three short months until this fabulous community event, a forest run that we are sponsoring to support Riverhead Primary School and would love to have some company on… See our facebook page for updates on how Royden’s training is going, interviews with the race director and ultramarathon runner Matt Rayment and a training plan should you wish to get involved!


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