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A Word About Medical Scans

Debunking Back Pain Myths with a Smile

Can’t even chew that winter stew?

Having trouble with your jaw when chewing or yawning?  Do you experience locking or immense

Men’s Health Week – wait – wasn’t that last week?!

In our quest to write the perfect newsletter detailing Men’s Health, we seem to have

How well are you sleeping?

Sleeping is often seen as a luxury, a sign of idleness, rather than a vital

Tired of sitting all day – Driving a desk a lot??

Given the large majority of us work long hours, and spend a reasonable portion of

Manage Your ITB Syndrome

A common injury with distance runners is ITB syndrome. This is pain on the lateral

Riverhead Rampage

Today we bring you an interview with Matt Rayment – father of three, full time

A new way to drink coffee…

New year, new you, new way to drink coffee… Something about saying goodbye to an