In our quest to write the perfect newsletter detailing Men’s Health, we seem to have missed the deadline and Men’s Health Week has passed us by! But the way I see it is that gives us a golden opportunity to talk more about men’s health and how important it is to men, their families and our community.

One of the key messages from Men’s Health Week is to do something.  Make a change, maybe a small change but a change nonetheless, and make it a change for good. Positive changes in men’s approach to their own health, as well as actual change to their health is vital.

It is fairly well  known that women make the vast majority of health decisions within their household, but this doesn’t have to be the way. Not all medical issues that affect men involve the kind of testing that one generally prefers to avoid! Many medical issues  have early warnng signs and can be well diagnosed and managed before they cause problems. And a number of issues can be avoided or resolved with positive lifestyle change such as diet ,exercise and stress management.

So why not consider some kind of change? Men –  have a good look around the fabulous resources provided for Men’s Health Week and use your initiative. Remember a small change is so much better than no change, and often makes it easier to take subsequent steps towards better health. Women – help your men to change, maybe change their screensaver to the Mens Health page, or even better get them involved in this quiz below and see what comes out of it.

We are lucky enough to have 3 men working at our practice, all with different lifestyles and approaches to their overall health. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook for short interviews with Simon, Daniel and Royden next week to see how they look after themselves. Maybe their stories will give you food for thought….


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