Is this how your work posture looks? Are you sitting right?

Given the large majority of us work long hours, and spend a reasonable portion of that in front of a computer in a variety of ergonomically unfriendly ways, it’s hardly surprising there isn’t a whole lot more back and neck pain around (or headaches or arm/jaw/shoulder/eye pain for that matter). We know that ‘sitting correctly‘ is a term that makes most people roll their eyes and glaze over with boredom but if you think of it as work posture to reduce or remove pain, it makes much more sense. You can make small changes to the way you work that will help you avoid pain and injuries – really you can, we wish more people knew how simple it can be! Read on to see what to change and how to change it yourself. It’s truly amazing the difference some little alterations can make to your pain levels on a daily basis.

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