As these Spring days get lighter and longer many of us dust off our exercise gear and get active.

The only problem is when you forget that you’re not 18 anymore and enthusiastically engage in sprint training session at some ungodly hour rather than easing in gently.

If you’re lucky, this can result in some general quick-disappearing muscle soreness. If not, it can mean an injury (which hardly seems fair after such admirable intentions). If you are unlucky, knowing what to do in after an injury can really help you recover, as well as save you some dollars.

We have put together some important information on looking after a sore back, so you know what put on it, do with it, and when to get help.

And as for exercising, it is one of the best things you can do for your health, and having good strong muscle tone and flexibility can reduce both the likelihood and severity of an injury. By all means, get out there and do what you love, do good things for your health, but start slow, stretch thoroughly, and keep well.

Don't just soldier on...

Come and see us as soon as you can. Pain is not something that you should just have to live with. With the proper advice and treatment from us, it can quickly become a thing of the past.

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