Osteopathy. It’s a way of helping you get better. There are all sorts of ways we do this; we will ask a lot of questions about your medical history, maybe use some orthopaedic or neurological tests, check the way you walk, and work out not only what is troubling you but also why. Then we can get onto the good stuff – treating you. We use lots of different manual therapy techniques to stretch, mobilise, reposition and balance to help get rid of your pain and get you moving well. All of our techniques are hands on, no flashy machines here, and we will be working with you for the whole half hour.

Our goal is to get you better and on your way. There are times in all of our lives through stress, injury, age where our bodies need a little help, and this is where we come in. We don’t want you to keep coming for ever, and if things aren’t recovering as we would like, we will consult colleagues and other health professionals to help you get sorted.

And as for cranial osteopathy – yes we all use it and yes it is very effective for some people and some conditions. It is a great option for those wanting or needing gentle treatment, works really well with babies and children, and can be used alongside other osteopathic techniques.

There are many reasons you may choose to consult an osteopath. Most people come to an osteopath because they are experiencing pain, or are unable to work and perform at the physical level they are accustomed to. Osteopathy is about relieving the body from pain and discomfort and works towards maximising the performance of each physical structure in the body. Because osteopathy encompasses the whole body there are a vast range of conditions and life stages that osteopathic treatment is suitable for:

  • Accident related injuries
  • Sore and achy muscles and joints
  • Pregnancy and nursing mothers
  • Babies and children (colic, reflux, developmental concerns)
  • Headache and migraines
  • Digestive concerns
  • Sports performance

It is a very effective form of treatment for some people and for some conditions. It is a very effective form of treatment for some people and for some conditions. The way it works is complex, and essentially involves very subtle movements to the bones of the head and spine to improve movement and fluid flow.


All kinds of challenges can pop up in pregnancy, and in the early stage of a baby’s life. Osteopathy can help. 


The number of treatments required is specific to each person and their particular injury or discomfort. Your osteopath will give you an estimate of how many treatments you will need during the first consultation.

Each consultation is 30 minutes.

All osteopaths are ACC registered. This means that if you have sustained an injury that resulted from a specific action/activity then you are entitled to subsidized osteopathic care for your injury. Please discuss whether your particular injury is eligible for ACC subsidy with your osteopath. 


Osteopaths approach health in a different way to other practitioners. We believe that we provide a comprehensive approach to healing the whole person, rather than only managing the symptoms. This approach often results in a faster recovery and less recurrence of symptoms, as we can address other areas of the body that may be contributing to the initial problem.

Whilst some of our techniques appear similar to other professions, the reasons behind using these techniques are different and therefore result in different outcomes. At Kingsland Osteopaths we also focus on educating the patient about the injury and give practical advice to further aid recovery.

All of the osteopaths at Kingsland Osteopaths have trained and qualified in NZ or the UK. The NZ qualification requires completion of both a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy degree. This is a five year fulltime course of study.

  • A full case history will be taken including details of your current condition, medical history and any other relevant details to ensure we diagnose and treat in the most effective way for your body
  • A hands on examination by the osteopath will be used to test for localised areas of restriction in the body
  • A diagnosis of the presenting problem will be discussed and a treatment plan designed specifically for you
  • A variety of different osteopathic techniques will be used to treat your body and condition appropriately
  • Advice regarding work habits, exercise and possible need for other health professionals or medical investigations will be discussed. X-rays will be ordered if appropriate

We are open Monday to Saturday, with late nights Tuesday to Thursday. We are right in Kingsland village and have off street parking behind the clinic.

All of our appointments are 30 minutes, including consultation and treatment. The regular charge is $100, and this is reduced to $65 for an ACC-related injury treatment. Please contact us if you would like to discuss with one of our osteopaths whether your injury will be eligible for the ACC subsidy.

Children under 5 are $80.