Ethan Bai


I am a registered osteopath here at Kingsland Osteopaths and have experience in sports injuries, running injuries, pain management, headaches and lower back pain.

If you are looking for help with sport injuries or your training is a high performance sport, we share commonalities. Having represented NZ on the international stage with gym sports, I know first-hand that you’ll be wanting to avoid any performance issues and continue to remain dedicated both physically and mentally without any setbacks.

As an Osteopath, I must look at everything that could be associated with your ongoing issues or pain. Especially for those concerns that keep appearing, we really need to ensure they are a joint or muscle issue, and not an underlying condition that is coming from your organs. For example, an enlarged prostate can show up as lower back pain or heart concerns can also show up as ongoing left shoulder pain. So you must not leave it too long and get it checked early.

My treatments are like getting your car in for a WOF – we do a background check on previous health history, take the areas of concern through a few tests, and then provide hands-on treatment to areas that are painful or don’t move well and get them moving better. We will provide what you can do between sessions.

Any suspicions we have, we will refer you to your GP or a sports doctor to get checked.

I look forward to helping you soon.

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